• Game Master: GM's or Game Master's are the narrators and moderators of the story. Unlike in most tabletop RPG, the GM is not soley responsible for the story and events of a thread, players can be much more involved in the process. For side stories, one of the players may take the roll of the GM.
  • Players: Member of the forum taking part in the game. In control of their own unique characters, they may also take initiative and introduce new elements to the Game with permission from the GM.
  • Player Characters: Characters being controlled by the players of the game. This is your proxy by which you interact with the game world.
  • Non Player Characters: Also known as NPC's, these are characters that are not controlled by an exclusive player, and who's reactions are often governed by dice rolls and the GM's decisions. These include enemies, and townsfolk.

NPC RulesEdit

Non Player Characters can vary from monsters and enemies you'll face in combat, to townsfolk and merchants you'll interact with on your journey. Primary NPC's will be important to the story, and will always be under the control of the assigned GM, or one player who has been assigned the duty of controlling that NPC. Monsters and Enemies will be controlled by the Dice Rolls listed on the Combat Situations page, and will generally be introduced by the GM, and will have stats befitting the situation. If a Player wishes to introduce a Monster or Enemy, they must approach the GM with a short profile detailing its Combat Stats and Skills. When the Enemy is approved, the player may introduce it into the thread at an appropriate time.

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