There will sometimes be situations that require Dice Rolls outside of Combat. Such situations will mainly be limited to things such as feats of strength and tests of will, or to determine if trickery you've attempted is successful.


There are 5 Statistics which effect a Character's Abilities, below are details concerning these Stats effects in Combat Situations.

  • Strength: Sometimes displayed as STR, Strength is the physical might of your character, used to determine if you can lift heavy objects, and shows how much damage you do to an opponent.
  • Affinity: Sometimes displayed as AFF, Affinity is how well your mind and body takes to familiar combat styles and terrain. This affects how effective your spells are against enemies, as well as how efficient your special moves and physical attacks are.
  • Speed: Sometimes displayed as SPD, Speed is both the physical movement speed of your character, and their ability to react.
  • Versatility: Sometimes displayed as VER, Versatility is how well your mind and body takes to unfamiliar combat styles or unfamiliar terrain. This will affect attacks and defensive maneuvers you perform in unfavorable conditions.
  • Intelligence: Sometimes displayed as INT, Intelligence is your mental acuity, and affects planned and precisious combat maneuvers.

Dice RollsEdit

  • Strength Roll: A simple roll to determine if your character successfully lifts a heavy object. You roll one D20 and add its value to your Strength
    • Objects affecting this roll will be given a weight class by the GM, ranging from 30 and higher depending on the object and the situation. Your total roll value must meet or exceed this weight class value
  •  Sneak Roll: A roll to determine if you can successfully sneak around a group of enemies. If your character posesses sneaking skills, then you roll a D20 and add it to your Speed, then roll a D10 and add it to your Affinity. If your character does not possess sneaking skills, then your D10 roll will be added to Versatility.
    • Enemies will be assigned an Awareness level that is equal to their Speed + their Intelligence.
      • Characters with sneaking skills need only to meet this Awareness value with their roll. 
      • Characters without sneaking skills must exceed the Awareness value by at least 10.
    • If the D20 rolls less than 5, or the D10 rolls a Critical Fail (Lowest Roll) the Sneak attempt fails.
  • Deceit Roll: A roll to determine if you can trick an enemy or NPC in some way. You roll two D10's, adding the first to your Intelligence, and the second to your Affinity. In unfamiliar territory, the second roll is for Versatility instead.
    • A D20 is rolled and added to an enemy's Intelligence to determine if they beat your roll.
    • For non-Primary NPC's, they will be assigned a number from 10 and higher based on their importance to compare against your roll.
    • Primary NPC's will roll the same dice as the Player.
  • Action Roll: This is a roll to decide if you can successfully use a Combat Skill or Spell for something other than combat. Roll two D10's, add the first to Affinity (Strength for non-magic skills), and the Second to Versatility. If your Versatility Roll is higher it succeeds.
    • If the rolls are equal on the first try, roll one more time.

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