Making use of one-handed weapons and a shield, the Gladiator is a versatile fighter capable of taking on multiple opponents with relative ease.

Class AttributesEdit


Resilience: If a Gladiator successfully parries with their shield, they do not feel any recoil, and recoil for blocking outright is reduce by -2.

Variety: So long as they are holding a shield, any one-handed weapon needs only an AFF roll when Attacking.

Mildly Acrobatic: Critical fail for INT roll in Precision Attacks is reduced to 5, and +2 to SPD for Dodge Rolls.


Shield Bashes: Skill Roll attack that does only 25% of the damage roll by using their shield to knock back an enemy, but allows for a second Attack Roll where the AFF Roll is increased by 25% (round down if it is a decimal of any kind). 

Energy Strike: By tapping into their body's energy reserves, a Gladiator can augment their special maneuvers with magical potential. This can manifest in the form of energy waves, or augmented strikes. These Attacks will take up MP when used, and vary in strength according to MP cost. You must perform a Skill Roll for these kinds of Attacks.

Armor and WeaponsEdit


Below is a list of weapons usable by the Gladiator class. Please see Light Weight Bladed Weapons , and Light Weight Blunt Weapons for more details.

Short Sword





Below is a list of shields usable by the Gladiator class. Please see Light Weight Shields for more details.

Wooden Buckler

Metal Rimmed Buckler

Leather Lined Buckler

Metal Buckler

Once a Gladiator's Strength reaches 13 or more, they may progress to Middle Weight Shields

Recommended ArmorEdit

Gladiators can wear any combination of Leather or Metal Lined Armor they choose, but this is the recommended build.

Leather Helm

Leather Cuirass

Leather Faulds

Metal Lined Bracers 

Leather Greaves

Metal Lined Spaulders

Chainmail Goussets

Available Plate ArmorEdit

This is the Plate Armor available to the Gladiator Class.

Plate Cuirass

Plate Spaulders


A Gladiator can abandon his Shield at anytime to become a Swordsman.

If a former Gladiator advances to Heavy Swordsman, they can also become a Knight .

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