Your character's Warrior Class is synonimous with the Class and Job structures of other RPG's, with branching path's, and many classes that can only be acquired by learning Skills from multiple Classes.




Basic ClassesEdit

These are the Classes that indicate your base experience with combat, and branch out into various sub Classes. Click the name of the Class below to see related skills, and branches it can develop into.

Swordsman: Wielding a single longsword, and wearing small pieces of light armor to keep their mobility high, this Basic Class is probably the most dynamic of the Warriors.

Mage: Wielding magic as their primary combat method, they are often attired in cloth robes, enchanted for protection.

Gladiator: Wielding a shortsword and buckler shield, this Basic Class typically wears leather armor to maintain a certain amount of flexibility.

Thief: Wielding daggers and small projectile weapons, typically attired in light cloth armor with some elements of leather, this Basic Class is all about stealth and quick thinking.

Archer: Wielding either a shortbow or longbow, cloth or light armor is the choice of these ranged warriors.

Horseman: Equestrian riders that fight from horseback, and similar Gladiators weild a hand-and-a-half sword, with a small kite shield. They wear light metal plates, or chainmail armor.

Barbarian: Fighting with clubs and other heavy weapons, Barbarians wear very little armor due to size restrictions, but can also wear any armor class.

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