A nimble fighter typically wielding a bow, an Archer is a long range fighter wearing lighter armor.

Class AttributesEdit


Quick Draw: Able to draw their arrows with fluid motions, Archers gain a +3 bonus to Combat Speed.

Trained Eye: Able to spot the slightest details and aim with practiced accuracy, Archers gain a +2 bonus to all INT and AFF rolls.

Bow SkillsEdit

Double Shot: By reducing the damage roll by -3, an Archer can fire two Arrow at the same time. You must make Skill Roll for this Attack.

Heavy Shot: Every three turns, an Archer can draw their bow back farther than normally possible, giving it a +2 to damage rolls if it hits, provided they haven't used Arrow Rain in the past two turns. You must make Skill Roll for this Attack.

Arrow Rain: Every three turns, the Archer can shoot a barrage of up to 10 arrows into the sky, having them land on his target the next turn with a Damage modifier of +1 for each arrow. Perform a Precision Roll and reduce the INT roll by -3.

Trick Shot: By shooting your arrow, and using your inner energy to affect its trajectory you can accomplish trick shots to confuse your opponent. This gives a +4 bonus to Precision Rolls

Crossbow SkillsEdit

Extreme Precision: Taking careful aim down the length of their crossbow, an Archer can gain a +3 bonus to INT for Precision Rolls every 3 turns.

Empowered Shot: Much like a Swordsman , Crossbow Archers can imbue their bolts with natural energy for a little extra power. Allied Mages can also enchant bolts for them to provide magical effects. You must make Skill Roll for these kinds of Attack. 

Armor and WeaponsEdit


Below is a list of weapons usable by the Archer class. Please see Ranged Weaponry for more details.

Long Bow

Recurve Bow

Short Bow


Recommended ArmorEdit

Archers may wear any combination of Cloth Armor and Leather Armor they choose, however this is the recommended build for optimum mobility to protection ratio.

Padded Tunic

Leather Bracers

Leather Greaves

Leather Spaulders (Reduces the speed of Quick Draw by -1 for each shoulder armored.)

Archers may also carry around a Pavise Shield to protect themselves from Enemy fire. This is especially recommended for Crossbow Archers


By training to use a sword , an Archer can become a Ranger . Gaining skill as a Horseman is also desirable. [Requires VER of 13]

By showing advanced mastery of the bow and arrow, an Archer may become a Hunter. [Requires STR of 10, AFF of 13, and INT of 12] 

By learning Augmentation Magic from a Mage or other source, they can become an Enchanted Archer.

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